Pumpkin Gnocchi

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Pumpkin Gnocchi made with South Australian grown Pumpkin,

Great with our Classic Alla Panna Sauce or if  you prefer a Vegan option Choose the Napolitana Sauce.

Heat & Serve !

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Product Information


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Ingredients: (Gnocchi only) 

Pumpkin,Plain Flour,Salt,Potato,olive oil.


(Wheat) Wheat Flour (Gluten)

77% Carbs  7.2% Protein 15.9% Fat

Heating Instructions:

600g and 400g  Serves    (Not suitable for oven)   Microwave for 4 min on high. (700w microwave)

Medium Serves 1.2 kg      Pre-Heat Oven to 180c Leave lid on and heat for 30 Minutes

Family Serves 2.4kg         Pre-heat oven to 180c Leave lid on and heat for 40 Minutes

Heating More than Once is not Recommended

This is a natural product made without preservatives so freeze or discard within 3 days of Purchase.
Store Below 5 Degrees Celsius

Freeze Below -15 Degrees Celsius
Discard after 2 Months