Cannelloni – Spinach and Ricotta

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Tubes of pasta filled with spinach and ricotta cheese.

Top them off with a sauce of your choice for an authentic taste.

Great with our Classic Bolognese Sauce or if  you prefer a Vegetarian option Choose the Napolitana Sauce.

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Product Information

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Ricotta cheese (Milk), Durum wheat Semolina (Gluten), Flour (Wheat), Spinach, Parsley, Bread Crumbs (Wheat), Potato, Eggs, Salt, White pepper [White Pepper]

Allergens :

Contains Gluten(Wheat), Eggs, Milk Products(Cheese)

35.3% Carbs  25.1% Protein 39.5% Fat

Sizes :

Lunch Pack 400g = 2  Cannelloni

Small 600g = 3  Cannelloni

Medium Serves 1.2 kg = 5  Cannelloni

Family Size 2kg = 10  Cannelloni

Heating Instructions:

600g and 400g Serves (Not suitable for oven) Microwave for 4 min on high. (700w microwave)

Medium Serves 1.2 kg Pre-Heat Oven to 180c Leave lid on and heat for 30 Minutes

Family Serves 2.4kg Pre-heat oven to 180c Leave lid on and heat for 40 Minutes

Heating More than Once is not Recommended

Sizes :

Lunch Pack 400g = 2 Cannelloni

Small 600g = 3 Cannelloni

Medium Serves 1.2 kg = 5 Cannelloni

Family Size 2kg = 10 Cannelloni

This is a natural product made without preservatives so freeze or discard within 3 days of Purchase.
Store Below 5 Degrees Celsius

Freeze Below -15 Degrees Celsius
Discard after 2 Months