About Us

Pasta Chef is a South Australian owned company established in 1992, as a manufacturer of fresh pasta and classic Italian sauces ,with heat and eat meals such as Lasagna , Ravioli , and more.
The Original Heat and Eat Pasta Shop in Adelaide , we are dedicated to bringing our customers the classical pasta dishes with old fashion goodness the whole family will enjoy, our ingredients are sourced locally we use 100% Australian grown Durum Wheat Semolina and zero bread flour. You wont find our products in supermarkets and our products are only sold in our stores. Our Central kitchen Cooks Daily without preservatives ,extenders colouring or MSG, no need for atmospheric controlled packaging because its simply fresh food from our kitchen to yours. Quality is our priority.
Remember the old days and when fresh meant fresh? Ever wondered why things just don’t taste like they use to? remember when eating something healthy was cheaper than junk food, somethings we use to throw away the day after now last 7 days and how does a fresh product sit on a supermarket shelf for 6 weeks? when fresh meant FRESH and not “NOT FROZEN”, when fresh was not a product that has had a cocktail of chemicals added to it or put into a atmospheric controlled container had the oxygen removed pumped with NITROGEN, ARGON or any other out of this world gasses, when acids were used to clean concrete and not used control PH in our food and where food was not played around with in a laboratory just so major supermarkets have as long as possible to get rid of it
Its these processes that you are paying for now days, don’t be fooled you are paying for all these tricks by mascaraing in fancy packaging and clever marketing.
Pasta Chef really does give you that old fashion goodness your family deserves, REAL INGREDIENTS are not replaced with numbers, Ingredients that require a google search to find out what they are and then a science text book to find out exactly how they can affect our health, if we say its beef it really is beef and not beef mixed with soy extract or any other fancy extenders no artificial flavours or colours no tricks just traditional ingredients that everyone knows including grandmothers.
Our tests are done on the tables of real families under the scrutiny of real children and parents our success depends on it! we are dedicated to providing your family with products that contain traditional and locally sourced ingredients, we would rather work on reducing the time it takes to get our dishes from our kitchen onto your tables and at prices that anyone can afford.